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Paulita is a multi-faceted author whose fiction primarily focuses on the complicated emotions women feel as they live seemingly ordinary lives, but often with an undercurrent of unhappiness from which they too often merely bury their feelings — until they no longer can, and then make life-altering choices, the kind that would startle nearly all the people those women know.

What Paulita says? “Women often don’t realize how strong they are until they’re forced out of their comfort zones … We can handle a lot, but if we pretend we don’t feel scared or angry, then we aren’t being realistic. My books focus on letting women come to terms with their emotions as they have adventures in the world, whether in France or on the Appalachian Trail.”

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It’s no surprise that the setting in some of Paulita’s novels is France. She was a frequent visitor there and moved there with her husband in 2018. Although a former journalist, she’s also been a university professor for some time and even now, in France, conducts online classes and teaching English to Chinese children.

It isn’t that Paulita dislikes the United States, where she spent most of her life. But France, with its mountains, culture, affordable health care, far less expensive housing, great wine and more reasonable work hours suits her better just now. In short, she had the guts to do what she really wanted to do, and then made it happen. (I am envious.)

Expect more great work from this talented author and adventurer in her own right. Meanwhile, consider checking out her website at

—Laura Belgrave

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