Adele Archer, Romance

There can only be one word to describe author Adele Archer — delight.  Seriously, this is a woman who, though candid and honest, exudes delight at life and its living with such verve that you feel the glow right through the virtual interface.  And this reflects in her writing, whether it’s in her blog posts or in her novels. With consistent 5 star reviews, her books deliver a pleasurable read even for those who don’t usually read the romance genre. Enjoy. — D. L. Keur

International Relations Series by Adele Archer

ADELE ARCHER, author of contemporary women’s fiction for smart, witty women who like to read about smart, witty women. And men. And children. And cats. Sometimes mistakenly classed as chick-lit, but the paperback versions are certainly good for propping open heavy doors. You can find Adele hanging out at

International Relations Series Buy the Series $10.48

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